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6 Hats


This tool can actually be used to run any meeting but I’ve found it to be very suitable as a sprint retrospective activity. The activity is based on a tool described in Edward de Bono’s book Six Thinking Hats. This is a parallel thinking process designed for effective group discussion and individual thinking. I saw Edward de Bono deliver a keynote presentation at the Learning Technologies conference in London a few years ago and had used the ‘Six Hats’ technique a number of times in meetings before trying to use it in a sprint retrospective.

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Less is More!

Everyone likes feeling like they have a choice but how much choice is too much? Nowadays we have simply too much to choose from. Looking for a book? You can check out the iBooks Store or pick up your Kindle and there are millions of titles to choose from.

How many times have you said, thought or heard the words “There’s just too much to choose from”?

Psychologists call this the ‘Paradox of Choice’. In his book of the same title, Barry Schwartz explains that an abundance of choice leads to an inner paralysis, poorer decisions and discontent.

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