I have been in constant employment since 2005. My first jobs were in the hospitality industry and helped to financially support my college and universty studies. Whilst this is not the industry that I intended to be working in after I finished my studies, I feel that the experience I gained in my early employment was invaluable and kept me on my toes in terms of developing real-world skills.

My team and communication skills, have developed greatly from my time working in the positions I have held, and I have demonstrated my commitment to achieving my goals at University by personally financing my studies through this work.

Click Here for more information on my roles at Panoramic and Click Here to read more specific information on my role at Thyme.

Setting and striving towards my own personal standards and pushing myself into new arenas has made me successful in each of the jobs I have had and despite the inevitable pressures involved, I have always maintained focus and enthusiasm.

My time and project management skills have also had to be at a constant high standard. Overseeing a number of different tasks from start to finish and ensuring that everything is done not only on time but also to the required standard is crucial and my ability to do this well, is something which I pride myself upon.

My initiative and capacity for problem solving is often put to the test both at work and at University and I have never failed to impress. My confidence and adaptability allows me to take on any challenge no matter how unfamiliar or difficult it is and I always achieve excellent results.

Since September 2012, i’ve been working at Tesco as part of a two-year graduate programme that involves me moving around various departments within the Technology function at Tesco. Click Here to read more about my roles at Tesco so far.

Between July 2010 and August 2012, I worked at Unilever, firstly as an IT Analyst for the Information & Technology Management department and then as a Social Business Analyst within the Research & Development function. Click Here to learn more about my roles at Unilever.


If you would like to see references from any of these employers then please contact me via the Connect page.