After moving to Liverpool to attend university, I began working as Chef de Rang at Panoramic which is a fine dining restaurant in Liverpool city centre. Whilst my duties there had similarities to those at Thyme, the standards were even higher and so my level of professionalism and my customer care skills were further enhanced.

Throughout my experience of working in restaurants, my communication skills developed greatly. As with my employment at Thyme, my ability to communicate well with customers and other employees within the company, lead to me taking on a more senior role and subsequently more responsibilities at Panoramic.

I worked as a concierge for the building in which the business is based, where I not only dealt with the restaurant customers in person, by phone and through E-mail, but also dealt with the residents of the building, sorting out any problems they had. This was a role with even greater responsibility as not only did I represent Panoramic restaurant but also the West Tower building as a whole on behalf of the Beetham organisation.

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